For readers in Atlanta and everywhere else: Emory Law Journal’s 2010 Thrower Symposium

The Emory Law Journal is having its 2010 Randolph W. Thrower Symposium on Thursday, February 11, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., in Tull Auditorium at Emory Law School in Atlanta.

The folks at the ELJ say:

The annual Randolph W. Thrower Symposium at Emory University School of Law gathers scholars from around the country to discuss pertinent legal topics. This year, the Symposium’s topic is The New New Deal: From De-Regulation to Re-Regulation. Speakers will be discussing the end of an era of de-regulation and the beginning of the first major period of government expansion and re-regulation in decades.

Participants include various Emory Law professors — Dean David Partlett, Victoria Nourse, Polly Price, Fred Tung, Robert Ahdieh, Martha Fineman, and Ani Satz — as well as other prominent legal scholars.

These others include my former colleagues Dan Ernst and Don Langevoort of Georgetown University Law Center, and (in no particular order) William Novak from Michigan, Barry Cushman from UVa, Jonathan Macey from Yale, Paul Verkuil from Cardozo, Samuel Estreicher from NYU, Michele Landis Dauber from Stanford, William Darity, Jr. from Duke, Frank Partnoy from University of San Diego, and William Forbath from Texas.

The topics are Re-Regulation and Government Expansion: A Historical Perspective, A More Visible Hand? The New Role of the State in the Financial Sector, and Building a More Responsive State.

You can register via the Emory site or at the door. The symposium is free. Georgia Bar members can get five hours of general CLE credit.

UPDATE: Corrected the name of the second panel.

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