My School’s Great Logo Debate

I am not very good with graphic design, illustration, and anything that requires good visual instincts.  So I don’t really regard myself as fit to have an opinion about this.  However, a current debate at my school is between Old Logo:

american university washington college of law

And New Logo:


Opinions at the school seem to be divided; naturally, a Facebook protest page got formed, WCL: What A Crappy Logo.  I don’t know – my Beloved Wife tells me I’m not the guy to pick out a snapshot and get the good one.  So I thought I would ask you, although I know of course that this is a nearly irresistible invitation to put your game face on.  (It also got picked up at Above the Law, but ATL does specialize in being snotty, so even if New Logo were the greatest in the world, it would come in for a bit of sneer.)

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