Egyptian Court Overturns No-Face-Veil Rule in Exams

I blogged about the litigation a few weeks ago, when a court ruled that the government could ban face veils in exams. (“The government said it brought in the ban in part because students, male and female, were sitting exams disguised as other candidates by wearing a face veil.”) But now that court decision has been reversed. From World Bulletin:

“Freedom to wear the niqab is guaranteed by human rights and constitutional liberties, and a girl’s right to dress the way she sees fit in accordance with her beliefs and her social environment is a firm right that cannot be violated,” Wednesday’s court ruling said….

“The niqab cannot be used to oppress women,” the court said, adding that university campuses should be places of intellectualism and freedom.

However, it said a student wearing the niqab must show her face when asked to for security reasons….

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