Sunday Song Lyric

I am a huge Bob Mould fan.  From Husker Du and Sugar through his solo work.  His first solo album, Workbook, is one of my all time favorites.  It’s filled with great songs.  Here’s a taste of “Wishing Well.”

Wishing well runs wet and dry
I wish for things I never had
Surrounds and wells up in my eyes
The screaming voice, it lies
Wishing well gets someone’s attention
Every wish you ever had
In a day of nights, in the darkest of light
Sits and cries, watch the lies

Could you give me a wish if I tell you what I want?
Will the price be no object?
I wish for dreams of light
I live for wishing well surprise

Here are the full lyrics, the song, and the song live solo and with a band (the sound quality on the latter is quite mixed).

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