Podcast extravaganza

Five new podcasts from the Independence Institute’s iVoices.org:

1. The University of Montana’s Rob Natelson on the Executive Vesting Clause.  Natelson argues that the first clause of Article II grants the President no additional powers–contrary to the theory that the clause gives the President almost all the powers formerly possessed by English Kings. 36 minutes.

2. The Privileges or Immunities Clause and what it means for the Second Amendment. The Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro discusses his new law review article. 29 minutes. (The final version of the Shapiro-Blackman article, “Keeping Pandora’s Box Sealed: Privileges or Immunities, The Constitution in 2020, and Properly Extending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to the States,” was just uploaded to SSRN today.)

3. What Miller Meant. Oklahoma City University’s Michael O’Shea explains  the history and multiple meanings of United States v. Miller. 65 minutes. 

4. The International Hunter Education Association. IHEA’s Wayne East describes the IHEA’s good works in teaching safety and responsibility. And how you can take most of a hunter safety course on-line. 26 minutes.  

5. Weld County, Colorado, Sheriff John Cooke provides law enforcement perspective on three bills in the Colorado legislature: removing the Governor’s power to prohibit gun sales, transfers, or transportation during an emergency; a declaration that the federal government cannot apply federal gun control laws to guns manufactured in Colorado and which do not leave the state of Colorado (background checks on sales would still be required pursuant to Colorado law); and a bill to state that business owners on their own property have the same self-defense rights as do persons in their own homes. All three bills were supported by the County Sheriffs of Colorado. The first two bills were killed on party-line votes in a state Senate committee; the last bill is awaiting a committee vote in the House.

The first four are interviews I conducted last week. The last interview is conducted by Independence Institute’s Amy Oliver.

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