Sunday Song Lyric

There have been quite a few songs on “torture” — but most are about the loves lost or relationships gone wrong, something quite different from the subject of the infamous OLC memos.  Consider the “Torture” lyrics by The Psychedelic Furs (song), The Replacements (s0ng), Berlin (song), and (who can forget) the Jacksons (video).  Leave it to the The Cure to pen a darker song, closer to the subject at hand.  Their “Torture,” from 1987’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, begins:

I’m in the room without a light
The room without a view
I’m here for one more treacherous night
Another night with you
It tortures me to move my hands
To try to move at all
And pulled
My skin so tight it screams
And screams and screams
And pulls some more

Here are the full lyrics, the song, and a mediocre live video.

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