Happy Pi Day

March 14, Pi Day.  3.141 … also, of course, the return of daylight savings time.  I regret the lost hour, and the sense of weird jet lag, and it would be great if there were any sun rather than a third day of rain, but still, light in the evening!  Life can go on.  I’m increasingly an Aztec by religious conviction, I’m afraid, and every winter I fear that the Fifth Age of the world has ended and the sun will return no more.  So DST is almost like … an Aztec ritual!  The kindler, gentler, non-human-sacrificial New Fire Ceremony.

Update:  With the approach of spring, I was temporarily seized with the milk of human kindness (kindler, gentler, non-human-sacrificial …).  Oh heck, I’m an Aztec.  New Fire Ceremony.  You know where this is going.  We must get with the program.

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