We Got Screwed!

I’m not ordinarily the complaining sort – really. But my boys on the Temple basketball team really got shafted by the NCAA Committee this time around, and it burns me up. A #5 seed?? The A-10 regular season champion and tournament champion? Temple’s RPI places it number 8 in the country — the teams on the list ahead of them (Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, W.VA., Syracuse, Kansas State and Georgetown) are all 1s, 2s (or, in Georgetown’s case, a 3 seed) — and we’re a 5?! Plus, we have the misfortune to have drawn the toughest of the #12 seeds – Cornell, a really dangerous team itself deserving of a higher seeding. Hmph … though I usually root for the Ivy League representative on general underdogs-are-good grounds, it would be a real shame if we got booted from the tournament in the first round (and in my bracket, at least, I have Temple making it to a showdown with Kentucky in the Round of 16 …).

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