Duke Reverses Exclusion of Pro-Life Talk from the Duke Women’s Center

Here’s the letter from Women’s Center Director Ada Gregory:

Dear Ms. __:

I wanted to write concerning the recent problem you experienced after reserving space at the Women’s Center for a Duke Students for Life event during pro-life awareness week on campus. First, I am so sorry that your event was cancelled due to actions by Women’s Center staff. Mistakes were certainly made that should not have occurred. I have taken steps to ensure that such an incident will not happen again.

The Women’s Center is indeed intended to be a place that supports the agency and choices of all women, so I hope that you will continue to use the Women’s Center facilities as well as services and the programs that the Women’s Center sponsors on campus.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education reports further; for my earlier post on this controversy, see here. Very glad to see that FIRE has prevailed on this,

Very glad to hear about it — congratulations and thanks to FIRE for its work on this.