Self-hating Wolverine

Chapman Law School professor Hugh Hewitt runs an excellent blog, with plenty of stimulating commentary, even for people who disagree with Hugh’s viewpoint. Some people, however, were put off by Hugh’s adamant defense of the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers. Discerning readers have learned to take Hugh’s prediction of Republican election wins with many grains of salt. But now I feel compelled to speak out at something that has long been a problem on Hugh’s blog, ¬†and which just went far over the line.

Although Hugh is currently a Californian, he grew up in Ohio, and so he uses his blog and his national radio program to promote his endless enthusiasm for Ohio sports teams, predicting (not always accurately) victories by the Cleveland Browns and so on. As an Ohio man, Hugh also enjoys taunting Michigan, which is one of the things that Ohioans have long done to keep themselves amused. Fine, if that’s what makes him happy. But Hugh is also a member of the University of Michigan Law School class of 1983. Today, he celebrated the victory of the Miami of Ohio hockey team over the University of Michigan, in the final game of the NCAA regional tournament. If he wants to rejoice when the University of Toledo defeats Eastern Michigan University, that’s his privilege. But to root against–and to rejoice in the defeat of–one’s own alma mater seems to me very wrong.

There must be some conservative principle about being loyal to the institution that provided you with a fine education and helped make your professional success possible. I am sure that Edmund Burke would never have gloated over the defeat of the Trinity College football team or the Middle Temple hockey team, if those great institutions had football and hockey teams.

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