Upcoming Talks

I usually forget to post information about upcoming talks, but not this time.  Here are some of the programs in which I’ll be participating over the next few weeks.

  • Ohio Northern University Claude Pettit College of Law – A debate with Professor Bradford Mank of the University of Cincinnati on “Environmental Protection: Government Regulation vs. Free-Market Solutions,” sponsored by the ONU chapter of the Federalist Society and the Environmental Law Society – April 7, 11:15am.
  • NYU Law School – Climate Change Policy and the Problems with Greenhouse Gas Regulation – NYU chapter of the Federalist Society – April 8, Noon.
  • Yale Law School – “To Cap or Not to Cap,” a debate with Yale law professor Douglas Kysar on federal regulation of greenhouse gases, April 8, 6:10pm
  • University of Minnesota Law School, Minnesota Conservative and Libertarian Legal Colloquium, with (among others) Lynn Baker (Texas), Michelle Boardman (GMU), Michael McConnell (Stanford), John McGinnis (Northwestern), Richard Painter (Minnesota), Dan Rodriguez (Texas) and David Stras (Minnesota), April 16, 12:15pm.

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