The Supreme Court’s Entrance, Justice Breyer, and Foreign Law

Justice Breyer is famously willing to look to foreign law for ideas on how to resolve legal questions, saying that there’s no reason not to look at how foreign judges have solved sticky problems when he is confronted with similar issues. 

So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Justice Breyer looks to foreign practice in criticizing the Supreme Court’s decision, effective tomorrow, not to permit visitors to enter through the Court’s front doors (they will still be permitted to leave through it).  Quoth SGB:

To my knowledge, and I have spoken to numerous jurists and architects worldwide, no other Supreme Court in the world–including those, such as Israel’s, that face security concerns equal to or greater than ours–has closed its main entrance to the public.

Justice Breyer’s statement, which was joined by Justice Ginsburg, is available here.

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