But Isn’t It a Bit Hard to Predict With a 7-Year-Old?

A funny comment by Prof. Jonathan David Farley (a blogger at The Huffington Post), responding to a comment by a reader that cited my On a Bus in Kiev post. (My post had linked to Prof. Farley’s original post, which called for the Harvard Law School e-mailer’s expulsion, though it didn’t mention Prof. Farley by name.)

Yes, I am calling for her expulsion. And people like this “Volokh” should never, ever have been allowed into the United States to spew their race hate against Americans (masquerading, the way the white South Africans sometimes did it, as anti-Communism).

This is not at all characteristic of the reactions that I’ve gotten; I’m passing this along solely because it tickled my sense of the absurd. I should note that Prof. Farley, a noted mathematician, almost certainly has a very high IQ.

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