The Palestinian Authority and the ICC

My Opinio Juris co-blogger, Julian Ku, has posted up a note on submissions recently made to the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s office on the question of ICC jurisdiction:

Last year, the Palestinian National Authority filed a declaration accepting the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.  This declaration is controversial, to say the least, because it could potentially give the ICC jurisdiction over Israeli military forces operating in Gaza or the West Bank.  Today, the ICC released a summary of the submissions it has received on whether the Palestinian’s declaration should be accepted …

Julian’s post gives the full list of submissions and links with the curious omission, as he notes, of the Palestinian National Authority’s own submission.  He and I are both co-signatories on a submission authored by David Davenport of the Hoover Institution, arguing against a recognition of acceptance of jurisdiction.  In the comments is a long response from Michael Kearney, one of the authors of the Al-Haq submission arguing the other way.