Popper’s Materials on Tort Reform:

I recently received a copy of a new set of teaching/reference materials assembled by Professor Andrew Popper, “Materials on Tort Reform.”  I was fortunate to be invited to submit a short contribution based on a working paper of mine “Public Choice and Tort Reform” that I am currently reworking into a book with Jeremy Kidd.

Having now had a chance to read through the book, it is really outstanding.  It is a nice, slim product that really cuts to the heart of the issues around the current liability system (including excerpts from empirical studies) and the economics and political dynamics of tort reform.  It seems like it would be extremely useful (and accessible) to students as a supplement to a Torts course or certainly as a main text for an advanced torts class.  But it is sufficiently short, comprehensive, and smoothly written that I think it would be very valuable research tool for general policymakers or others interested in this general issue.  Highly recommended and I appreciate Professor Popper inviting me to be part of the project.