Seeking Constitution Trivia Buffs

The Green Bag 2d is publishing a set of trivia-ish questions I put together related to the text of the Constitution; and it would be great if a few people who like such things could try to answer the questions, and let me know whether they think the instructions are flawed or imprecise in certain ways. (Puzzle buffs can be very picky on such matters, I know.)

If you’re interested, please e-mail me at volokh at law dot ucla dot edu, and I’ll e-mail you the page proofs (which I need to return in final form by Friday). What’s in it for you? Nothing, except the fun, such as it is, of being one of the first people who gets to try to this puzzle.

I’ve had the questions cite-checked by a research assistant, but I’d love to have a serious puzzle buff’s view on them.

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