Hitting the Big Time (and Going Straight to the Top)

Jake Spratt reports not just that we’ve been cited, but that we’ve been cited in the master citation guide itself: The 19th edition of the Bluebook (p. 166) apparently gives, as an example of citing blog posts (Rule 18.2.2),

Eric Posner, More on Section 7 of the Torture Convention, THE VOLOKH CONSPIRACY (Jan. 29, 2009, 10:04 AM), https://volokh.com/posts/1233241458.shtml.

More importantly, as Mr. Spratt reports,

Under the old Rule 18, blog posts were relegated to the same rule subsection as email correspondences (Rule 18.2.4). Under the new Rule 18, blog posts are cited much the same as law journals or other periodicals…. [T]he title is italicized and the source appears in small caps, followed by a date parenthetical.

I know much has been said about the increased recognition of legal blogs as valuable resources, but I found this most recent development particularly revealing…. While I hesitate to read too much into the tea leaves, I do think it’s fair to conclude that the rule change reflects how the perception of legal blogs has changed in the last five years (the previous Bluebook edition was published in 2005).

UPDATE: Commenter Mark reports that we hit the big time twice: “Note also the choice of a VC comment by Martinned for the example of the proper format for blog comment citations, on p. 167.”

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