Westlaw on Windows XP Professional Hanging Firefox

Over the last week or so, I’ve been getting frequent hangs using Firefox to access Westlaw, on Windows XP Professional on my office computer and on Vista on my home computer. The process stops responding, and I have to kill it and restart it. This doesn’t happen with Internet Explorer. Our tech people don’t know what’s up, and neither does Westlaw; the Westlaw people suggested that I clear out the browsing history, cookies, and the cache, but that hasn’t solved the problem.

Has this happened to any of you, and, if so, do you know how it can be fixed? Thanks!

UPDATE: After seeing the comments, in which many people reported the same problem, I called Westlaw again, and eventually got through to a supervisor. It turns out this is a known problem, which came up some time last week (though not known to the first-line Westlaw tech support people, unfortunately), and the programmers are working on it. I was told that the problem only arises when you use multiple tabs, and some commenters echo this, though one reports that the problem happens even when he doesn’t use multiple tabs. In any case, with luck this should be fixed soon. Thanks for all the responses, which are what led me to call Westlaw back and eventually get the answer (such as it is).

FURTHER UPDATE (5/27/10): Westlaw reports to me that the bug is fixed, and my quick check suggests that this is indeed so.