Any Connecticut Prosecutors or Defense Lawyers Willing to Chat About the Connecticut Racial/Religious Ridicule Statute?

This is the statute I blogged about a few days ago, Connecticut General Statutes § 53–37 (“Any person who, by his advertisement, ridicules or holds up to contempt any person or class of persons, on account of the creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race of such person or class of persons, shall be fined not more than fifty dollars or imprisoned not more than thirty days or both.”).

I’d like to get a sense of when it’s being used, what the jury instructions tend to be, and the like. If you or some people you know have a sense of this and would like to talk, whether by e-mail or by phone, and whether for attribution or not, I’d love to chat. Just drop me an e-mail, please, at volokh at Thanks!

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