Party of Geert Wilders, Leading Critic of Islam (and Advocate of Restrictions on the Practice of Islam), Gains Heavily in Dutch Election

From Time:

The Freedom Party, taking part in only its second national election since being founded by Wilders in 2005, secured 16% of the vote, jumping from 9 to 24 seats. Wilders, the bogeyman of Dutch politics, called it a “glorious day”, and demanded to be included in any ruling coalition. “They cannot ignore us. We want to be taken seriously,” he said. “One-and-a-half million Dutch voted for us and for more security, less crime and less Islam.”

The governing Christian Democrats “suffered a crushing defeating on Wednesday, sliding from 41 seats to 21.”

UPDATE: I originally described Wilders as just a “leading critic of Islam,” but, in response to a point made by a commeter, I changed the title to note that he is also an advocate of restrictions on the practice of Islam in the Netherlands.

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