Generic Op-Ed for Judge Walker’s SSM Decision

With lots of media attention focused on Judge Walker’s SSM decision, I decided to write a generic op-ed that any paper or website can use. Just pick the right word you want in parenthesis — conservatives pick the first word, and liberals pick the second.


Judge Walker’s decision on same-sex marriage is a reminder of the proper role of judges in our society. Above all else, judges should follow the Constitution. For that reason, Judge Walker’s decision should be [condemned/celebrated].

Judge Walker showed from the outset of the Prop 8 case that he had one priority: To [subvert/follow] the Rule of Law. His efforts to televise the trial, later overturned by the Supreme Court, show his true intent. Judge Walker wanted to televise the Prop 8 litigation to make sure it would be a [show trial/teaching moment] for the advocates of same-sex marriage. Although the Supreme Court did overturn his decision, Judge Walker pressed on. He never backed down. It is hard to believe that he is a Bush appointee — but this is San Francisco, after all.

Now the case heads to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Ninth Circuit is a famously [lawless/independent] circuit. The next stop is the Supreme Court, which will probably divide 5-4 in this case. The swing vote is Justice Kennedy. Although his vote is often unpredictable, Justice Kennedy has tended to vote with the Supreme Court’s [activist/moderate] wing in cases related to homosexuality. We hope that Justice Kennedy rejects [liberal elite opinion/bigotry], follows the Constitution, and [upholds/rejects] Prop 8.

Public opinion about same-sex marriage is changing. The Supreme Court should recognize this and [step aside/ speed it along]. The choice is clear: It a choice between following the true Constitution and caving in to public pressures and opinion. We urge the Supreme Court to show the courage to follow the Constitution just as the Framers intended.

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