“Любви Моей Ты Боялся Зря”

This is for all our dozen or so (?) Russian-speaking readers — minus those who are already very familiar with this.

For reasons that entirely elude me, I found myself thinking of a Russian song that I had heard when I was small, an entirely adult (not meaning dirty) song by Novella Matveyeva called “You didn’t need to fear my love, I don’t love you so awfully much” (“Любви моей ты боялся зря, не так я страшно люблю”). [UPDATE: There’s also something of a play on words there, because “страшно люблю” means “love you frighteningly” as well as being — more commonly — an intensifier that in context means “love you a very great deal.”]

The official title is apparently “The Girl from the Diner” (“Девушка из харчевни”), but I’d wager that most Russians know it by the first line, which is what I first quoted. I don’t know why I thought of it again, especially since I’m not suffering from any romantic loss, but there it is.

In any case, I found the lyrics and relearned them, and think it’s fantastic; so if you don’t yet know it, but know enough Russian to understand it, check it out. The audio of Matveeva’s original version is here.

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