A Farewell to Firefox?

I’ve been a devoted Firefox user for many years, but it may be a time for a change.  I had always found Firefox to provide a relatively stable and bug-free browser.  No longer.  With the latest updates (v3.6.8), my Firefox crashes and freezes-up all the time.  This may have something to do with the way I use it – I like to keep lots of tabs open – but this is not new.  I’ve used browsers this way ever since I discovered tabs.  My impression is the new bugginess has something to do with plug-incontainer.exe, but this was supposed to make Firefox crash less often, not grind it to a halt.

I’m not eager to change browsers — old habits die hard — but unless Firefox creates a fix soon, it will count me among its former users.  The only question will be which browser to use instead.  Explorer? Chrome? Safari?  Is there a quick fix for Firefox?  Or is one of the other browsers that much better?

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