An alternative approach to footnote *

As Orin wisely notes in the immediately preceding post, the typical law review article first footnote disclaimer “all errors are the author’s alone”  provides no useful information to the reader. Below are some alternatives which I have used:

“All errors are society’s fault.” 29 Hamline L. Rev. 520.

“Any errors are the fault of no-one in particular; rather, society itself is to blame.” 68 Alb. L. Rev. 305.

“All errors are the authors’ sole responsibility, but persons aggrieved by any such errors are encouraged to sue the companies which manufactured our computers.” 34 Conn. L. Rev. 157.

“Any errors in this article are the fault of society, and cannot be blamed on an individual.” 18 St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. 99

“Errors are entirely the responsibility of sinister unknown forces, not the authors.” 30 Conn. L. Rev. 59.  

Feel free to use any of these, provided of course that you include a citation to the original source. :)

Orin’s post may also be considered an oblique foreshadowing of the 2014 bestselling book: Barack Obama, My Autobiography, Part III: The Four Presidential Years, with the first footnote stating, “All my errors were because I did not listen to Cass Sunstein.”

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