Sunday Song Lyric

Live’s “Overcome” was not written as a 9/11 anthem, but it became one for many anyway.  It was written before the attack, and appeared on Live’s mediocre “experimental” V, released in September 2001.  In the wake of the World Trade Center’s collapse, the song struck a chord.  Here’s the first verse:

Even now 
the world is bleeding 
but feeling just fine 
all alone in a castle 
where we’re always free to choose 
never free enough to find 
I wish something would break 
Cos we’re running out of time

Here are the full lyrics, the video, a 9/11 tribute video, and a live performance.

When I saw this song performed in concert,  it was quite intense.  Alas, Live is on hiatus.  Ed Kowalczyk and the other band members have gone their separate ways.

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