ABA Journal Blawg 100 Amici

I’m sure Our Chief Conspirator is far too shy, modest, and retiring to note that the ABA Journal is inviting people to come and name their favorite legal blogs … but I’m not.

It is an interesting format, actually – it is not an online vote or poll, where the blogs with the most buddies win.  Rather, the editors are making their own judgments, and are asking for responders to say in the comments to the page why they favor this blog, what they like (or don’t) about it.  They’d like to hear from a lot of people, but are interested in what they have to say and are making their own editorial judgments.  (I should add, though, that I am torn between loyalties, as I post here as well as Opinio Juris, the specialty international law professor blog; those of you who read it as well as VC might considering posting about it, too.)

Someone emailed to ask me what law professor blogs (Insta and Althouse aside, and Opinio Juris) I regularly read and routinely check (I don’t use a feed).  Just off the top of my head – I am probably forgetting some:

But that’s not including a bunch of econ and finance blogs, also national security and milblogs; robotics blogs; etc. that I also check regularly.  I read a lot of blogs, probably more than is good for my scholarly productivity.

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