First Amendment Law, in 3000 Words

My Encyclopædia Britannica entry on the First Amendment is now up; if you ever want a 3000-word summary of First Amendment law (both on the speech and the religion sides), check it out. Naturally, it’s oversimplified, and doesn’t cover all the details, but I hope it’s helpful.

Many thanks to my over 40 volunteer 10-to-17-year-old helpers, and in particular Madeline Corbett Augustine, Lucy Corbett Augustine, Nathaniel Bennett, Megan R. Christensen, Andrea Hitt, Maria Kogan, and Yitzi Lindenbaum. If your child helped out, and you want to give me permission to thank him or her by name, please let me know, and I’ll gladly add the name to the list. (The names I’ve given are the ones for whom the parents have given such permission.)