It Takes a Village to Win a Case (or at Least for Me to Win a Case)

Lots of people helped me with the Nebraska free speech / cyberspace law case that the Nebraska Supreme Court just decided, so I wanted to publicly thank them. (All the documents to which I refer are available here.) Many thanks to:

Gene Summerlin of Ogborn, Summerlin & Ogborn, our local counsel, and Vern Schulte, for their help with all matters related to Nebraska procedure and to filing.

Mayer Brown LLP’s pro bono program for taking care of the various costs, and Don Falk, David Gossett, Marc Kadish, Philip Lacovara, Evan Tager, Andy Tauber, and Helene Siegel for their advice, feedback, mooting, and help.

Stuart Banner, Peter Eliasberg, Patrick Goodman, Michael Small, and Jack Weiss for sitting on a moot court for me here at UCLA.

Bruce Adelstein, David Kravitz, and Ben Siminou for feedback on my petition and brief.

Councilman Keith Brown, Assemblyman Michael Carroll, Representative Town Meeting Member Brian Cook, State Representative Dan Greenberg, Mayor Jeff Jennings, Supervisor Jim Patrick, Trustee David Schmidt, Mayor Randy Simmons, Board Member Jeff Steinport, State’s Attorney Jerod Tufte, Trustee Douglas Vatter, and Councilman Jack Weiss for filing the current and former elected officials’ amicus brief, and Bruce Adelstein for drafting the brief.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and Prof. David Post for filing an amicus brief, and FIRE’s William Creeley and Azhar Majeed for drafting the brief.

The ACLU Foundation of Nebraska for filing an amicus brief, and Prof. Michael Fenner for drafting the brief.

Profs. Derek Bambauer, Stuart Benjamin, Eric Berger, Michael Carroll, James Forman, Eric Goldman, Dan Hunter, Andrew Koppelman, Brian Landsberg, Sanford Levinson, Frank Pasquale, David Post, Scot Powe, Martin Redish for filing an amicus brief, and David Post for drafting the brief.

Stan Sipple, whose e-mail to me last June alerted me to the case; without that e-mail, I might never have heard of it, at least not in time to get involved.

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