“Why Aren’t Things Like This Ever Mentioned on This Blog”

A commenter writes, in the Blasphemy Arrests in England thread (after suggesting that the reported arrests may be less significant than some argue):

Also why aren’t things like this ever mentioned on this blog:


I’m very glad that we have so many attentive readers, but I’m sure that even the most attentive of them are unlikely to notice all our posts, or remember all that they noticed. So if you’re inclined to ask “why aren’t things like this ever mentioned on this blog” — on this or some other blog — it might be good to do a search, for instance for site:volokh.com russia museum mickey mouse.

Of course, even if the search doesn’t find the post, perhaps there was such a post but it just used different search terms; another search or two using other terms might be helpful. And even if there wasn’t a post, its absence may stem simply from the bloggers’ not having seen the story. (Not all Russian criminal prosecutions make their way into our reading list, though as it happens this one did.) But in any event, checking to see whether something was covered here, before asking why it wasn’t, might be a good first step.

On a related topic, see the Google Is Your Friend post. Also, for more posts on this blog about attempts to suppress alleged blasphemy against Christianity, just Google site:volokh.com blasphemy christian (which will get you some false positives, but also some true positives).

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