More J Street Scandal

Contrary to J Street denials, the Washington Times uncovers evidence that J Street facilitated meetings between Judge Richard Goldstone–author of the “Goldstone Report” on the war in Gaza which is considered unfairly hostile to Israel across all but the very extreme left of both the Israeli and American Jewish political spectrums–and members of Congress. Jeffrey Goldberg follows up, wondering if J Street can weather these scandals; even reporters sympathetic to J Street are angry at being lied to.

I don’t know about J Street’s overall future, but it’s hard for me to see how its founder, president, and chief spin doctor, Jeremy Ben-Ami, stays in his position.

UPDATE: Jennifer Rubin:

Take your pick– is it the embrace of Israel’s enemies and slanderers or the lies that should send Soros Street to the ash heap of history? Both, I would suggest…. If you are on Richard Goldstone’s side, you are not pro-Israel. If you lie repeatedly, you lose your credibility, even with sympathetic media outlets. J Street is guilty on both counts.

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