What Were They Thinking–The Supreme Court in Revue, OT2009

As some of you know, for a few years (with a big hiatus when I was in the gummint) I have done semi-humorous and often factual Supreme Court Term-end wrap-ups.  Well, I did my fourth this year, but because of a busy summer (and fall) at my day job, it looks like it won’t be in print until after the First Monday in October. 

As a matter of principle, I feel like we can’t start the new Term until we have wrung whatever comedic value we can from the old.  So here is a link to the final draft of What Were They Thinking – The Supreme Court In Revue, October Term 2009–my first ever with a visual aid.

In fact, this is actually a longer version than what will ultimately appear in print. Because electrons are cheap, this version includes a section that I deleted from the version that went to the ‘Bag. So this is sort of the Bootleg Series version of the article. This is also your opportunity to email me with (kindly worded) comments, so I don’t go to print with egregious misspellings (see p.446, n.25).

(This may also answer the question that has been on the lips of both of my readers: Where has Elwood been?)

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