A Generation of Roberts v. Kagan?

Jan Crawford ends her interesting report on Elena Kagan’s first day on the bench, linked to by Jonathan Adler below, with this comment:

If you’re a liberal who hopes [Kagan] will be an intellectual force who builds coalitions, you had to like what you saw. And if you’re a conservative, you had reasons to feel nervous.

I thought Jan might be on to something, so I pulled out my MagnaZen X53B Crystal Ball and gazed far into the future. According to the X53b, Elena Kagan will be the leader of the liberal end of the Supreme Court for the next generation. Kagan will end up as sort of the John Roberts of the left, matching Roberts in skill, wit, and strategy. And the two of them, Kagan and Roberts, will be the chief strategists of the two sides of the Court for many years to come.

That’s what my X53b told me, at least.

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