Whistlefritz Spanish for Kids:

I know a lot of people (myself included) are keen for their kids to be exposed to foreign language from a young age.  If you are in that category, you might be interested in the Whistlefritz dvd and cd Spanish language immersion dvds and cds.  They are really quite delightful and engaging.  Claire is 5 and she was instantly taken with them.  Most of the existing dvds are for kids a bit younger, who are really just starting out.  To me, the dvd’s have the feel and pacing of Blue’s Clues and prompt interaction in the same way as Blue’s Clues.  The cd tunes are very catchy (the liner notes contain translations).

I’ve been vaguely aware of similar products out there but I hadn’t seen anything quite as delightful as this.  The owner is a solo entrepeneur who started the products because she wanted to expose her own kids to Spanish and didn’t like the other products that there were out there.  I understand that she is developing dvd’s for older kids now (as her kids are get older as well).   I had a friend who alerted me to them so I figured I’d pass along my recommendation to anyone else who might be interested.

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