The AP Story on the Michigan Individual Mandate Decision as Reported by By WikiUS News

I have no idea what Wiki US News is, but it employs some amazing translation software. Here is the actual quote from me in the Associated Press story of last night:

Randy Barnett, who teaches constitutional law at Georgetown University, said Steeh’s ruling could be cited by lawyers trying to persuade other judges.

“This is one judge’s opinion. They’ll read it,” Barnett said. Steeh “accepted the government’s argument, the same argument that’s being made in front of other judges.”

Now here is the same quote on Wiki US News:

Randy Barnett, who teaches essential accumulation at port University, said Steeh’s judgement could be cited by lawyers disagreeable to work another judges.

“This is digit judge’s opinion. They’ll feature it,” Barnett said. Steeh “accepted the government’s argument, the aforementioned discussion that’s existence prefabricated in face of another judges.”

The rest of the Wiki US News version is equally amusing.

I am sure some of our readers must know (a) why sites such as Wiki US News exist–and I am sure it is up to no good–and (b) why it would be translating English into gibberish.

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