“An Apology from Someone Like Adler Would Be Meaningless”

The Washington Post reports on controversy surrounding allegations that Democratic Party operatives worked behind-the-scenes to get a third-party “Tea Party” candidate onto the ballot in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District in order to help re-elect first-term Congressman John Adler (What? You thought this post was about someone else?).  The Post story draws on a report Friday in the Courier Post quoting unnamed “Democratic operatives” explaining how the “Tea Party” candidate was recruited and supported so that he would siphon votes from Adler’s Republican challenger in November.  Adler denies he had anything to do with the third-party candidate.

In response to the story, Adler’s challenger, former Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan, put out this statement responding to the story and decrying the “unethical” and “perhaps even . . . illegal” conduct by those behind the “fraudulent” third party campaign.  Said Runyan, “I would ask for an apology, but frankly, an apology from someone like Congressman Adler would be so meaningless that it’s not worth seeking.”

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