Mercatus Center Financial Markets Working Group Wins Templeton Freedom Award:

Congratulations to the Mercatus Center for its recent recognition with a Templeton Freedom Award for its Financial Markets Working Group (of which I am one of many affiliated scholars).  Mercatus won for “Special Achievement by a University-based Center.”  From the award announcement:

The Financial Markets Working Group of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Virginia is a collection of 17 university-based scholars with expertise across a wide range of economic issues relevant to the recent economic crisis. Members of the group conduct research and communicate their findings, addressing the causes of and potential solutions to the economic downturn. The goals of the group are to challenge the narrative that free markets are responsible for the crisis, advance an alternative evidence-based explanation and improve public policy outcomes regarding regulations, government spending and political ownership. Mercatus Center scholars have published 115 academic and policy studies and have appeared in almost 8,000 media stories.

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