Saudis and Other Arab States Want U.S. to Attack Iran’s Nuclear Program

So say documents leaked by Wikileaks. This shouldn’t be very surprising, but over the last several years I’ve seen many, many commentators (update: as has Jeffrey Goldberg) claiming that the only parties plugging for U.S. military action against Iran are Israel and its American “Likudnik” supporters. [Update: Omri Ceren provides some examples of “experts” who claimed that the Saudis opposed U.S. military action against Iran. For examples of focus on the “Israel lobby” with no mention of Arab support, see Stephen Walt and Joe Klein. Andrew Sullivan, however, suggests that it’s “preposterous” to think that such people exist. It would be nice if they were actually just products of Jeffrey Goldberg’s Zionist imagination, but no such luck.] Don’t expect many mea culpas, either.

In other Wikileaks news, Iran used the services of the Iranian Red Crescent, including Red Crescent ambulances, to smuggle men and weapons into Lebanon during the Israel-Lebanon War in 2006. Expect no condemnatory press releases from Human Rights Watch.

UPDATE: It’s quite a blow to conspiracy theorists, is it not, that the combined weight of two of their favor bogeymen, “the Zionists” and “the Arabs” haven’t been able to get the U.S. to take military action against Iran.

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