Congratulations to Josh Blackman & His Blog

The most recent issue of the ABA Journal includes its 4th Annual listing of “Our 100 Favorite Blawgs.” (You can vote for your 12 favorites if you register.) Included in the “Court Watch” category is Josh Blackman’s Blog. Here is what they say:

Josh Blackman’s Blog is an almost daily fix for constitutional la junkies. Posts cover con law as if it were a sport, so it should be no surprise that Blackman is the man behind FantasySCOTUS, which boasts more than 5,000 members who can try to predict SCOTUS outcomes.

I believe this designation is unprecedented, insofar as this the first time Josh’s blog has been included. Although all these sorts of listing are unscientific and opinionated, it is nevertheless a major accomplishment for a new solo-authored blog to receive such attention. It goes to show that entry into the higher reaches of the blogging kingdom is still open.

As for Volokh, it was listed under “IMHO”:

The Volokh Conspiracy’s bloggers swarm in with constitutional analyses on federal rulings and other news as it breaks. Noteworthy too, is that six co-conspirators from this dominantly libertarian blog recently signed a law professors’ petition supporting the decriminalization of marijuana in California.

Indicating perhaps that six co-conspirators do not harbor ambition for elected office or positions requiring confirmation.

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