Will Huitzilopochtli Bring Back the Sun?

Huitzilopochtli, supreme god of the Mexica.

The days have got progressively shorter and we fear this Fifth Sun is ending.  The sun moves each day on a lower and lower arc across the horizon, and we beseech Huitzilopochtli, supreme god of the Mexica – especially on this night of the most inauspicious and unsettling sky sign in which the moon disappears in an eclipse – that he cause the sun to rise tomorrow and not end the world by permitting the Tzitzimime to come down from the sky and devour it.  Is it too late to perform the New Fire Ceremony and once again light the fires of the world?

Urgent update, Tuesday:  Sun returns!  We sincerely thank whoever made this sacrifice on our behalf – voluntary or not.

New Fire Ceremony Glyph

New Fire Ceremony Glyph

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