Somin Family Featured in December 2010 Issue of Engage

The December 2010 issue of Engage features not one but two items written by members of the Somin family: a debate on Kelo v. City of New London and eminent domain reform between University of Chicago Law Professor (and former Dean) Saul Levmore and myself; and an article on Title IX and women’s sports written by my wife Alison, who is a special assistant at the US Commission on Civil Rights.

The debate between Dean Levmore and myself was held at the University of Chicago in February. A podcast of the entire debate (including audience questions not reprinted in Engage) is available here.

There is some irony in the fact that Alison is the first of the two us to publish an article about sports, even though I am a big sports fan, and she – to greatly understate the contrast – definitely isn’t. I will have to publish a sports article of my own as soon as possible in order to restore my standing as the resident sports geek in our household.

Although conspiracy theorists (perhaps even Volokh Conspiracy theorists) will never believe it, the appearance of our two pieces in the same issue of Engage is entirely coincidental. The journal editors asked me for permission to publish the debate with Dean Levmore long after Alison’s article was already in the pipeline. But of course that’s exactly what conspiracy-mongers would expect me to say in order to divert attention away from the successful completion of the first stage of the Somin clan’s plan for world domination!

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