Debating the Virtue of Selfishness

This Friday at 7 PM, I will be debating philosopher Objectivist philosopher William Thomas of the Atlas Society on the question of whether self-interest can be the basis of political morality. In The Virtue of Selfishness, Ayn Rand famously argued that it can and should be. Although I respect Rand as the greatest modern popularizer of libertarian ideas, I am skeptical about this aspect of her thought. Thomas, by contrast, endorses it. This issue of is of obvious interest to libertarians and Ayn Rand fans. But I think it is also important to others interested in political theory and the morality of self-interest.

The debate will take place at George Mason Law School, in Hazel Hall Room 120. More detailed information about the debate is available here and here. VC readers are more than welcome to come. If you are a reader and do choose to come, make sure to say hello.

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