Superfast Solicitations

I was in a car accident last Thursday night.  While I was waiting at a light on a highway offramp, a driver plowed into the car behind me, causing it to slam into the back of my car, and so on.  It was not the worst accident in the world — my car was still drivable (if not legally) and I’m still mobile — but it was bad enough.

Word of my travails traveled fast.  By Saturday morning my mailbox was already filled with large envelopes from local attorneys expressing their concern about my condition and offering their advice and counsel.  Some included copies of the police report.  One contained a DVD.  None of the letters were direct solicitiations — if by “direct” one means none of the letters I received urged me to hire them to sue any of the drivers or insurance companies,  but they all stressed the importance of adequate legal representation and precautionary medical care, and all made clear they were available to discuss my case situation.  I won’t be seeing my doctor until later this week, but with luck I won’t need their help.

UPDATE: Now the phone calls from chiropractors have started. My favorite was the “urgent” call to my cell phone from Akron Square Chiropractic which, perhaps only coincidentally, has been sued for insurance fraud. If I end up needing to see a chiropractor, they won’t be on my list.

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