Rahm Emanuel Asks Illinois Supreme Court to Review Appellate Decision That Disqualified Him from Running for Mayor

My post on the appellate decision is here; Emanuel’s petition is here. Thanks to Rick Hasen (Election Law Blog) for the pointer. Disclosure: I noticed that lawyers from Mayer Brown LLP, the law firm with which I work on a part-part-part-time basis, are involved in the case; but I haven’t worked on the matter, and this is the first time I learned of Mayer’s involvement. (I’m not surprised, though, by the involvement; Mayer is headquartered in Chicago, and generally gets involved in lots of the juicy high-profile cases, both there and elsewhere.)

UPDATE: The Illinois Supreme Court has stayed the lower court decision, and ordered that “if any ballots are printed while this Court is considering the case, the ballots should include the name of petitioner Rahm Emanuel as a candidate for Mayor of the City of Chicago.” The court has not yet agreed to hear the case, though; “[t]hat part of the motion requesting expedited consideration of the petition for leave to appeal remains pending.” Thanks to InstaPundit for the pointer.

FURTHER UPDATE: The Illinois Supreme Court has agreed to consider Emanuel’s appeal, “on the briefs filed by the parties in the appellate court,” with no further briefing. (The link to the order works when I try it, but it seems odd; if it doesn’t work for you, you should be able to find the order with the Chicago Sun-Times story.) Thanks to Prof. Rick Hasen (Election Law Blog) for the pointer.

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