Talk at Northwestern University Law School Tomorrow

[IMPORTANT UPDATE: Displaying its typical resiliency to snow, D.C. including its airports, has more or less completely shut down, and I won’t be able to get to my scheduled talk at Northwestern.]

I’ll be speaking at Northwestern University Law School tomorrow at noon, in Room 175 of the Rubloff building. My talk is sponsored by the Federalist Society. The public is welcome.

I’ll be speaking about my forthcoming book, Rehabilitating Lochner, with comments by my friend, Northwestern professor, and Balkinization blogger, Andrew Koppelman.

If you live in Chicago and want to but are unable to make this talk, I’ll be returning on February 10th to speak at the University of Chicago Law School.

UPDATE: Air travel from D.C. is a mess due to the snowstorm. I’ve already had to switch flights. Hopefully, the new one won’t also be canceled.

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