Retiring Gurkha Soldier Saves Woman from Being Raped, Uses Large Knife to Fend off Gang of 40 Knife- and Sword-Wielding Robbers (Killing 3 and Injuring 8)

The Himalyan Times and other sources (e.g., this Nepalese publication) report. Wow.

The soldier, Bishnu Shrestha, is receiving various honors (and rewards) from the Indian government and others. Thanks to InstaPundit for the pointer.

UPDATE: Commenters pointed out that some other stories report the incident as being less dramatic; see this Telegraph (India) story (15 robbers, but some armed with revolvers and not just knives, Shrestha was defending a woman from robbery and not rape, and he injured three), and this Times of India story (30 robbers, some armed with guns, defense from robbery and apparently “manhandl[ing]” with no mention of rape, injured three). Who is right and who is wrong I leave to others, though “wow” remains appropriate under any version.

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