Debates on gun control with Adam Winkler and John Donohue

Last month, I participated in a discussion about gun control on the Legal Talk Network with Adam Winkler of UCLA. It’s 35 minutes, and available here. As usual, Winkler was well-informed, amicable, and eager to engage in constructive dialogue.

I also participated in a debate on WHYY, Philadelphia, with Stanford’s John Donohue. It’s 49 minutes, and available here. ¬†One thing I should have said, but forgot to, was to correct Prof. Donohue’s misapprehension that Charles Christopher Cox (U.S. Rep. 1989-2005; Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission 2005-09) now works for the National Rifle Association. Since 2002, the Executive Director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action has been Chris W. Cox. The two men are not the same person. Nor should either of them be confused with the remix DJ Chris Cox, or the former Lt. Governor of Maryland Christopher C. Cox.

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