How Long are Law Review Offer Windows in 2011?

This fascinating comment thread at Prawfs on the experience of submitting law review articles suggests it would be helpful to have a thread on the latest practices in law review offer windows. When journals make an offer, how long do they give authors to decide whether to accept?

Here’s how the thread will work. If you are either an author who has received an offer from a law journal this spring, or an articles editor at a law journal this spring, please tell us in the comment thread how long the offer window is for that particular journal this spring. Two weeks? One week? A few days? One day? Please do name the journal, although feel free to post anonymously (and feel free not to say whether you are an author or editor — just the information is enough).

Finally, please do NOT post general comments on the law review submission process, or your personal thoughts on whether you like student-edited journals. To make the thread useful, any comments that are not reporting offer windows will be deleted. Thanks in advance.

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