Apply for Free IHS Summer Seminars on Liberty by March 31st

The deadline to apply for the Institute for Humane Studies Summer Seminars is fast approaching this Thursday, March 31st. If you, or someone you know, are a student with an interest in liberty, take advantage of these wonderful seminars. When I was a prosecutor in the Cook County States Attorney’s office, I took vacation time to lecture in one of these seminars in 1980, the very first year they were held. That experience was so stimulating that it led me to leave practice and seek a teaching position. There are 12 week-long seminars now scheduled around the country with a variety of different emphases.

Here is the description:

Learn more about liberty this summer! Explore the ideas that shaped the modern world—ideas that helped end slavery, introduce religious freedom, and inspire the women’s suffrage movement. Discuss the fundamental, yet-still-contested idea that individual rights precede governments. From breakfast ‘till the evening reception, debate the ideas of liberty with peers from around the world and exceptional professors.

This summer — Sleep Less. Think More.

IHS Summer Seminars provide an opportunity to learn about classical liberal ideas, such as individual rights and free markets, and apply these ideas to topics in history, economics, philosophy, law, and other disciplines. Choose from 12 weeklong, interdisciplinary seminars that vary according to topic complexity, career path, and academic interest. . . .

Participation is free! Through the generosity of donors, IHS is able to offer the seminars for free. Lectures, housing, meals and books are provided by IHS; participants only pay for their own travel. The seminars are open to undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates.

You can find details on dates and topics, as well as application procedures here. (H/T Laura Barnett)

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