Wisconsin election results

After some looking around, I’ve settled on the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and @daveweigel to follow for tonight’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election results. With 17% of precincts reporting, Prosser and Kloppenburg each have 50%.

Folks interested in Justice Prosser’s record on right to arms issues can find some information in my article, The Licensing of Concealed Handguns for Lawful Protection: Support from Five State Supreme Courts, 68 Albany Law Review 305 (2005) (analyzes recent decisions in New Mexico, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island) (short answer: according to Prosser’s majority opinion, the Wisc. RKBA includes the right to unlicensed concealed carry in one’s home or business, but not automobile).

UPDATE:¬†For those folks who follow out-of-state judicial election returns via the Internet, this has been quite an exciting night. Lots of lead changes. At various points, each candidate had a substantial lead, and then the race reverted to 50/50. That’s the situation now, with 95% in, and Prosser coming from behind to open up a 6,000 vote lead, which just fell to a lead of fewer than 2,000.

MORE: Two lead changes within a minute. First Kloppenburg up by 1,500; now Prosser up by 4,500, then lead falls to 2,500 two minutes later. 97% in. Greatest Wisconsin state supreme court election night ever for non-Wisconsinites!

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