Impeach Them All

Attorney Bruce Fein, who briefly worked in the Reagan Justice Department, is advocating for the impeachment of President Obama for authorizing military strikes in Libya, Politico reports.  He has even drafted an article of impeachment.  This is nothing new for Fein, however, as he also called for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and worked on the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.  No word whether his proposal has found any supporters in Congress.  Dennis Kucinich, perhaps?  If only we could impeach Bruce Fein.

UPDATE: Judging from the comments, it did not clearly communicate my views on impeaching President Obama. So there is no confusion: I oppose it.  I do not think ordering the “kinetic military action” against Libya is an impeachable offense (nor did I support impeaching President Bush).  Given the longstanding practice of Presidential authorization of these sorts of actions without Congressional approval, and the consistent failure of Congress to respond in any meaningful fashion, I am not convinced that the President’s ordering of troops into harms way is a clear constitutional violation, and believe the arguments made by Jack Goldsmith (among others) on this point are not readily dismissed.

If Congress objects to President Obama’s actions, it seems to me they have numerous ways of registering this objection, and seeking to force the President to alter course, short of impeachment.  But Congress has not even passed a symbolic resolution of disapproval, let alone sought to limit the President’s actions.  Until Congress takes even such minor steps, I think any discussion of impeachment is premature, if not a bit ridiculous.  Political disputes, even on weighty constitutional matters, should not be immediately transformed into grounds for impeachment.

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